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Brian J. Dooley is an author/analyst/ journalist with over 30 years' experience in analyzing and writing about technology. He has written 6 books, numerous manuals, 100s of reports and 1000+ features.

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Saugatuck Technology

China: IT, Development, and Innovation - Saugatuck Technology

China: IT, Development, and Innovation - Saugatuck ...

Saugatuck Technology

Digital Marketing Ascendant - Lens360

The term “Digital Marketing” was first used in the 1990s to describe marketing practices on the Internet. It has since gone out of favor in the US, supplanted by “Internet Marketing” and “Social Media”. However, as we move into the era of Digital Business, this term is developing in importance....

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Saugatuck Technology

Data Lake and the Data Lakers - Lens360

Within just a few years, Big Data has become a driving force in enterprise IT, with projects springing up in every imaginable area of endeavor. It will drive processes as well as aiding in innumerable areas of information processing and discovery. But integrating Big Data with current infrastructure is problematic....

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Saugatuck Technology

Gorillas in Our Midst: Mobile App Security Issues - Lens360

From a security perspective, mobile apps are much more than they seem. They may appear as harmless and benevolent creatures, yet their potential for security issues resembles something more like King Kong. Mobile apps can wreak havoc with security because they are easily introduced, easily developed, and easily deployed. Their...

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Saugatuck Technology

Real Transformers: Digital Business Processes - Lens360

Digital Business will impact every area of business, and have a transformative effect. Our most recent Saugatuck survey demonstrates that, while the need for change is well understood, the potential for widespread disruption really is not. Enterprise transformation—truly significant change–occurs for a variety of reasons, but has a fairly dismal...